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Filefactory Premium is a company providing reliable file sharing and file storage services for everyone. The company was founded in 2005 and since then has been able to aid various businessmen, businesswomen, employees, professionals and other individuals who are in need of accessible file storage for their important data. They are confident to showcase their system’s exceptional features that will truly elevate one’s life. But wait, for more advanced features, users can also watch or stream their videos, and if you are a premium account holder, you can get a lot of advantages from various aspects.

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Why use Filefactory Premium?

Filefactory Premium is trusted by millions and definitely visited by billions of people. Ever since 2005, it has been the most reliable site to upload and distribute files with no boundaries. For several years, millions of individuals have registered and Filefactory has assisted over a billion guests. So, why would you choose to utilize Filefactory now? We will list some of the reasons why it is an advantage for everyone. 

  • Prompt file import

If ever you are already a user and you want a personal duplicate of that data stored in your account, you can always duplicate it in just one command. Yes, you do not have to download and re-upload the file again. Very convenient, right? 

  • Unrestricted downloads

Each data can be downloaded an infinite number of counts. Free account users have great download rates while Premium account users have endless speed.

  • Simple to manage

FileFactory is neat and uncluttered. Their website runs on mobile and devices and is cooperative with primary download managers.

  • Unrestricted storage space

All users do not have to worry about running out of storage space. There are no restrictions or limits. Plus, all types can be uploaded, and as long as your file is active, it will never be deleted. 

What are the things to do in Filefactory?

There are various things you can do with your Filefactory account. 

UPLOADYou can upload your data through the website, FTP, duplicate from another account, or remote distribution.
MANAGEYou can have total control over your files, manage it easily with folders through their elegantly programmed file manager.
SHAREIf you are someone who’s always on social media, then Filefactory is your best friend when it comes to sharing file links across your blogs, social media accounts (Facebook & Twitter alike), forums, and many more.
PROMOTEYou can earn money by promoting the website to your family, friends and other individuals. Effectively promoting it monthly means you are actively paid monthly as well.
HOSTThis is the best platform to host some of your active files. No limit or restrictions, file sizes do not matter, millions of people are downloading files stored in the system. Guaranteed performance is highly watched.
STREAMWith Filefactory, you are given an opportunity to save your personal and original creations. Upload it, share it and you can stream any audio files on their website for free. No fee at all.
COLLABORATEYou can use the platform for collaborating with other people. For instance, you can allow others to upload data on your account. You can review the file upload history in the Filebox uploader.
ACCESSYou can access your file anywhere with Filefactory. There is no limit when it comes to downloading, therefore, you can download your files from any devices that you have as many times as you want.

Filefactory Premium Account and its Features

With a Filefactory Premium Account, you can utilize the best thing out from the website. This is like maximizing the usage of a certain system. Of course, there will always be a big difference from the Premium account to the Free or Guest account. Listed below are the perks you can experience with the premium subscription:

✔️Unlimited Uploads

You can upload your files, keep it or share it with others. From videos to music to images to audio files to documents, everything can be uploaded on the platform. The best part is that the platform supports comprehensive file types, so may that be a GIF, PSD, ZIP files, you can upload it there. However, the Fair Use Policy is implemented for accounts saving more than 5 Terabytes or 5000 Gigabytes of file size.

✔️Unlimited Downloads

Premium members have the advantage when it comes to downloading files. There will be no hourly or daily limits on your downloads. There will also be an accessible download manager that is from a third-party provider, this is to aid in speeding up each download, continuation of the interrupted download process, and capability to download multiple or many files at one command.

✔️Unlimited Storage

Every file can have the size up to 5 Gigabytes for Premium users. Although the same with the free users, the difference is that when the file from free users is not active anymore, it will be deleted after 30 days from inactivity. So premium users do not have to worry about their inactive files.

✔️Unlimited Speed

The thing with Premium users is that they are capable of using other download managers. This is because Filefactory is compatible with any kind of downloaders. Free users cannot. Therefore, utilizing download managers can speed up your download or upload processes.

✔️Password Protect Files

For all users protection, they make every file possible to put a password on. Of course, only the person with the correct password can download your files.

✔️Resuming Interrupted Downloads

You do not have to worry if your files are incompletely downloaded or uploaded. Premium account users can speed up and resume any unfinished process by being able to utilize various compatible downloads.

✔️Direct Downloading

There is a ‘Direct Download’ feature in your account. Switch it on then you can choose that and your download can start instantly without visiting the platform.

✔️Free 100GB TrafficShare Feature

Premium users are granted by this feature where downloaders of the premium users’ data will have secure and zero ads downloads, by utilizing the TrafficShare feature in their account. However, there is a 100 Gigabyte monthly limit.

Exclusively, FileFactory Premium is the only platform that allows genuine unmetered downloads.

Premium Account Vs. Free Filefactory Account

The following comparison table is shown for direct info of what is and what is not.

File Download SpeedUnlimitedUp to 100KB/sUp to 25KB/s
Maximum parallel downloadsUnlimited11
File storage timeUnlimited30 daysNone
Max upload file size5GB5GBNone
Max download file size5GB5GB5GB
Direct downloadsYesNoNo
Download limitsUnlimitedHourly limitVery Limited
Download wait timerInstant downloadsAverage waitLong Wait
Fast downloadsYesNoNo
Download resume supportYesNoNo
Download manager supportYesNoNo
Banner ads and popupsNoneSomeMany
Hotlink your filesYesNoNo
Upload with FTPYesNoNo
Priority customer service supportYesNoNo
Manage files with foldersYesYesNo
Delete and rename filesYesYesNo

Filefactory Premium Pricing: How much does it cost?

Below are the corresponding details on how much fee you will pay depending on the span of days you wanted to use your Filefactory Premium account.

$ 94$ 59$ 35$ 13
Unlimited Download and Upload SpeedUnlimited DownloadsCompletely No PopupsUnlimited Download and Upload SpeedUnlimited DownloadsCompletely No PopupsUnlimited Download and Upload SpeedUnlimited DownloadsCompletely No PopupsUnlimited Download and Upload SpeedUnlimited DownloadsCompletely No Popups
Only $8 a MonthOnly $10 a MonthOnly $12 a MonthOnly $13 a Month

Filefactory Registration

For everyone’s convenience, Filefactory allows people to register by their Facebook Account, Twitter Account and Google Plus account. This is to show how legit the company is as they are an accredited platform where social media accounts can be connected for fast registration. However, if you do not want your social media to be connected, they still provide registration via email, so they got you covered.

Plus, you can subscribe to their newsletter to get information regarding special promos and more stuff you may need while using the platform.

Filefactory Email Address confirmation message

After providing your details, there should be a confirmation email sent to your email for security and verification purposes.

Filefactory Account Verification

Just click the link provided to verify your email and afterwards, you will be directed to your Filefactory dashboard. There should be a notification for your successful registration. You can now use Filefactory at its best.

Filefactory Successful Account verification

Accepted Payment Methods

Filefactory Payment Methods

There are various ways to pay for your Filefactory Premium subscription. You can pay via your VISA card, MasterCard, American Express card, and PayPal account. If ever you are not able to purchase on Filefactory website with these methods, you can always purchase your premium account subscription from their Verified Resellers.*

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Upon payment in the platform, whatever set of days you selected, it will always be a recurring subscription for endless service which may be withdrawn at any moment. All credit cards will be instantly credited at the commencement of each billing term until you withdraw your subscription. Users will obtain an email voucher confirming your succeeding rebill date.

Verified Resellers of Filefactory Premium Accounts will provide you with token or voucher code that you can enter at the previewed section above. Once redeemed, you can enjoy the perks of a premium account. You can buy premium accounts from verified resellers if ever you are not able to pay through the normal methods in the Filefactory site. 

Filefactory has a record of verified resellers at their website, the more near your location, the higher the chances are that you can buy from them through local payment methods.

*Verified resellers discussed further below.

Storage Limits

FileFactory will keep your data for a varying period, depending on the type of account you have (Free or Premium), and if ever your data is compliant with their Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service.

For FileFactory Premium Accounts

Each of the premium member’s files will be kept in the servers as long as your Premium account is activated. So you have to update your subscription if you want to keep all your files in a safe storage. This implies that if your premium account expires, all files will be subjected to the rules and regulations as a free member. This could lead to removal of some of your files without notice after the mercy days of 30 days. Their Fair Use Policy will be implemented if you have exceeded the 5 Terabytes of storage space.

For FileFactory Free Accounts

Every file you keep in their servers will remain for a period of 30 days. If for example, a file is not downloaded within that time, that file will be immediately removed. This is because the file has become inactive. On the other hand, if the file has been downloaded completely, it will be kept in the servers for another 30 days. So as you can comprehend, as long as your file is being downloaded, your file will be stored in their servers because it has remained to be an active file.

As a free user, if you think your files are very essential to you, and you do not want it to be removed from their server immediately, it is highly suggested for you to upgrade to a premium subscription account.

The Web Browsers supported by FileFactory

During polishing FileFactory, the functionality is examined in all significant, latest browsers to guarantee everything functions the way it should be. If you are encountering a difficulty with a distinct characteristic of FileFactory, it is recommended that you examine it in a different browser. If you are still experiencing problems, they recommend that you create a note through their help system and the developing team will examine the problem further.

The latest version of browsers supported by FileFactory support are the following:

  • Google Chrome (highly recommended)
  • FireFox (recommended)
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari

On the other hand, if you are working in another browser, it is suggested that you proceed to one of the abovementioned to obtain the most advanced in web technology.

If you believe your browser is making some problems and you would like us to review more, they are more than happy to help you with that. They request that you sign in at the platform and send them a screenshot of the results from the Account Diagnostics page so they can understand precisely which browser you are utilizing.

Tip: Select the ‘Export diagnostics’ switch and then copy and paste into your assistance card.

Affiliate Program

By promoting Filefactory, to your family, colleagues, other platform users, you can earn up to 90% of sales you will earn. You can share or distribute your authentic files, videos, audios, music, and more. Being an affiliate is super easy and simple. Approvals are being permitted immediately. Premium users and free users can join the affiliate program. The rules to follow to qualify in earning are discussed below.

Pay Per Sale

For the Pay Per Sale method, affiliates can generate a profit of 90% of all sales. They can also earn 50% of each recurring fees for all referrals and files. (Session-based).

Pay Per Download

Below are the criteria for how much you can earn with every 1,000 downloads.

File SizeGroup AGroup BGroup CGroup D
10MB – 299MB$5.00$3.00$1.00$0.50
300MB – 499MB$10.00$6.00$1.00$0.50
500MB – 999MB$20.00$7.00$2.00$0.50
OVER 1GB$40.00$10.00$3.00$1.00

Pay Per Download Standard Rules

The subsequent aspects are what qualifies as a download:

  • Downloads through Free members or Incognito users
    • One download of file per IP in every 24-hour session.
    • For instance, if a distinct anonymous user or free member downloads five of your data in 24 hours, five downloads will pass. If they download a similar file five times in a 24 hour period, only 1 download point will qualify.
  • Downloads by Premium Members
    • One download of files per member in every 24-hour interval.
    • For instance, if a Premium member downloads 5 quantities of your files in 24 hours, only 1 download point will suit for compensation. If five different Premium members download one (or higher) of your data in 24 hours, 5 downloads points will pass.
  • No existing downloads of your files while logged into your account will pass.

Country Groups

Group AUSA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia
Group BFrance, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, Denmark, Greece, Austria, Russia, Norway, Finland, 
Group CTurkey, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia, Poland, Ireland, Portugal, South Africa, Israel, Singapore, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Mauritius
Group DThe rest of the countries not included from Group A to Group C

Reseller Program

Become a FileFactory Certified and Accredited Reseller

FileFactory’s Reseller program enables you to buy FileFactory Premium accounts at a reduced price, and sell them again to your shoppers in your local money with your chosen local payment arrangements.

Why become a FileFactory Certified and Accredited Reseller?

By affiliating with FileFactory, there is a chance you can profit and earn more money on the internet. Exclusively licensed and authorized Resellers can sell their purchased FileFactory Premium accounts.

FileFactory is one of the most leading file-sharing assistance sites on the Internet. Therefore, over 3 million individuals have participated, with hundreds of clients buying Premium accounts every day.

By affiliating with them and reselling FileFactory Premium accounts, you can gain payment commissions on each purchase you get and allow people from various nations to utilize FileFactory assistance, who cannot secure fees through their normal payment methods.*

*Discussed above for Accepted Payment Methods

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